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Tradition and culture in Kappl

Churches, chapels and …
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Truly impressive

If you want to swap hiking or skiing for sightseeing, Kappl is dotted with traditional and cultural highlights. True to its original Latin name “Ad capellam” (“by the chapel”), the picturesque mountain village delights guests with numerous churches and chapels. Plus, there are lots of traditional hamlets that are worth a visit.

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A look back in time

The chapels of Kappl: A trip down memory lane

Once upon a time …

Lining the roads and forest trails, the churches and chapels of Kappls are distinctive parts of the local landscape.

Most of the chapels were built during the Baroque period, when missionaries were sent to Tyrol to increase the piety of the local folk. Back then, the chapels of Kappl were places of refuge and accommodation, basically small versions of churches.

Chapels were also built as a type of bargain: Whenever misfortune could be prevented, the local population built a new chapel to thank God for it. There are also many private chapels owned, maintained and lovingly decorated by individual families.

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Since 1760

Kerkerkapelle chapel in Kappl

Distinctive sculpture

Kerkerkapelle chapel has a highly distinctive feature: the three wooden figures carved by local sculptor Johann Ladner. The life-sized figures have been adorning the chapel since 1760 and depict two soldiers taunting Christ at the whipping post.

Would you like to see the chapel for yourself? Simply pack your backpack and explore the chapel on a hike through Kappl!

Like a fairytale

Kappl‘s Rotwegkapelle chapel

In the greenery

The picturesque Rotwegkapelle chapel in Kappl is situated in a pretty forest location. The clearing near Visnitz waterfall is a magical place for fans of religious buildings – and one of Kappl’s most popular attractions. How about visiting the famous chapel as part of a lovely hike?  


Ruhesteinkapelle chapel

With an eye-catching element

Its 110-centimetre-tall crucifix is a sight to behold: Church fans will be delighted to visit Ruhesteinkapelle chapel on their way to Dias. This small church was also designed by local artist Johann Ladner – and it’s a real eye-catcher!

Traditional villages

Kappl’s picturesque hamlets

Natural charm

Pristine nature, olden-times charm and a romantic mountain setting with lush green meadows and grazing cattle – a sight you simply can’t get enough of. At around 90 traditional hamlets dotted across the region, you can experience traditional village life. Expect heartfelt hospitality and a cosy Tyrolean atmosphere!

Local traditions

Cultural events in the Paznaun valley

Join in the fun

Are you up for a pleasant culture “shock”? Numerous events and festivities give you the chance to get to know the culture of the Paznaun valley from up close. Have a look at the event calendar and pick your personal highlights!

Experience the local culture

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