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Big smiles on little faces and whoops of joy – all in front of a stunning mountain backdrop at 1,830 metres above sea level. That’s Sunny Mountain Adventure Park for you! The action-packed adventure park in Kappls is an all-year highlight for families.

Yippie, not long until you’ll be going to Sunny Mountain Adventure Park! When does the action-packed mountain playground open its doors? During the summer season, Sunny Mountain Adventure Park is open every day from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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Activities at Sunny Mountain Adventure Park in Kappl

Guaranteed fun

A petting zoo, disc golf facilities and a low-rope course: Young guests won’t be able to stop grinning at Kappl’s family paradise.

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The low-rope course

Show off your skills

For little monkeys and rope acrobats: The low-rope course at Sunny Mountain Adventure Park is not about great heights – it’s about balancing across tree trunks, ropes and bridges. A nice extra: The rope course offers fantastic views of Lake Silbersee.

Find out about the mountains at Flaxidorf

Meet Flaxi

Flaxidorf is the home of Flaxi, the mountain dwarf. Located right by the picturesque children’s pond Lake Silbersee, Flaxi’s village boasts numerous fun stations where kids can learn about Kappl’s plants and wildlife.

On hot summer days, Flaxidorf offers great opportunities for enjoying some water fun and splashing about. 

Themed hiking trails for all ages

About nature & culture

Hikers of all ages love Sunny Mountain Adventure Park. On the one-hour, themed circular hiking trail, colourful noticeboards tell you all about the nature, culture and traditions of the Paznaun valley. During the hike, you can enjoy splendid views of the surrounding mountains.

Our tip for quiz fans: Grab the Flaxi quiz booklet and solve the nature riddles at every station! If you get all the answers, a little surprise is waiting for you at the Adventure Park restaurant.

The petting zoo 

For animal lovers

“Mummy, Daddy, look!” Ponies, donkeys, sheep and other animals are waiting for you at the petting zoo of Sunny Mountain Adventure Park. Located right beside the Alpine museum, the petting zoo is a great place to watch the animals run around the meadow and to give them a quick cuddle.

Disc golf facilities

A sporty challenge

Have you heard of disc golf? The fun mixture of golf and frisbee is all about throwing a disc at a target. Although the sport is similar to golfing, you don’t need a licence to play – simply head to Sunny Mountain Adventure Park, try your luck and enjoy the marvellous mountain views!

The Alpine museum


What was Alpine life like in the olden days? The Alpine museum at Sunny Mountain Adventure Park provides you with fascinating facts about the daily life of local farmers and the agricultural history of the region.

A treat for cheese lovers: Have a look inside the building! You will get interesting insights into the art of milk production and Alpine cheese making, including descriptions and short videos.

Revitalising Kneipp facilities

Truly refreshing

Dip your toes into the cold water and feel revitalised after a long hike: The Kneipp facilities at Sunny Mountain Adventure Park are a great means to prevent sore muscles.

Go wild at Sunny Mountain playground

A paradise for children

The playground at Sunny Mountain Adventure Park is always awash with happy kids – and it’s a treat to watch them on the swings, the slides, the climbing tree or in the tree house. While the little ones are busy, the grown-ups can kick back and relax in the loungers and beach chairs and marvel at the amazing mountain views.

The highlights: the big tepee site and the cool tree house, both of them favourites with young adventurers and explorers.

Alpine herbs & stone garden

For plant lovers

See, smell and touch: Splendid Alpine flowers such as gentian, edelweiss and woodland pinks can be seen in their natural habitat at Sunny Mountain Adventure Park. The Alpine herbs and stone garden is popular with plant lovers.

The fishing pond

Catch some fish

From late June to late September, you can go fishing at Sunny Mountain Adventure Park. Get your fishing rod and baits ready and cast your line! The daily rate is 25 Euros – you can even cook your freshly caught fish (catch limit 4 fish) right at the barbecue station!

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