Hiking in Kappl

Step by step
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Travelling on foot

Murmuring mountain streams, flowering meadows, breathtaking views and glorious sunshine – that’s what makes the hiking trails of Kappl so special. Bring your hiking boots, a backpack and weatherproof clothing and start your mountain adventure!

Your hiking holiday in Kappl is just around the corner, your suitcase is packed, and your kids are already counting the animals they’re going to see up on the mountain pastures? Then you’re ready for your mountain holiday in Kappl!

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Varied trails

The best hiking trails in Kappl

For every taste

Hiking in Kappl is a feast for mountain lovers. Whether you prefer easy or challenging routes, for leisure hikers or families: The mountain village in Tyrol boasts a wonderful mix of hiking trails. What’s it going to be for you: short and sweet or long and lovely?

Do you prefer to explore the mountains in a group? The experienced guides of the Paznaun valley  are happy to accompany you – and share some interesting facts about the region with you. 

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Multi-day highlights

Long-distance hiking trails in Kappl

Explore nature

During long-distance hiking in Kappl, you can feel your everyday worries dissolving with every step. Instead, you will feel calm and relaxed, basking in the golden light that bathes the stunning mountain landscape. The mountain lodges in the Paznaun area provide you with a cosy place to spend the night after a long day of hiking, perfect for recharging your batteries for the next day’s stage.

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Weekly programme

Special hikes in Kappl

Guided tours with the experts

The weekly programme of Kappl is full of highlights for families. For instance, how about trekking with cute lamas  or joining a local beekeeper on a fascinating bee hike ? Alternatively, you could go on a treasure hunt  with the whole family and solve some tricky puzzles. In any case, you’ll be in for an unforgettable adventure brought to you by the locals of the Paznaun valley. 

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Good to know

A perfect combo

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Soak up the sun

Summer fun in and around Kappl

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