The charming ski resort

The best slopes of Kappl ski resort

42 kilometres – that’s the official distance of a marathon. Runners who master these challenging 42 kilometres are celebrated and respected. In Kappl, guests can enjoy something like the “marathon of winter sports”. After all, the ski resort’s 42 kilometres of slopes offer perfect conditions for unforgettable snow experiences. Breathe in the fresh air and feel your cheeks and thighs tingle!  

Kappl family ski resort in a nutshell:

  • 42 km of slopes
  • 10 cable cars and lifts
  • 90 % of all slopes located above 1,800 m
  • 8 km descent down to the valley with an altitude difference of 1,000 m
  • 25,000m2 adventure park for kids
  • 200 m magic carpet
  • practice hills for little ski bunnies
  • a paradise for freestylers and snowboarders at the funpark
  • freeride heaven in Kappl’s backcountry

You can’t wait to visit Kappl? That’s no surprise – after all, it’s a dream resort for the whole family! Find out about the slopes and facilities of the Paznaun region …

Kappl ski resort

family-friendly and perfectly groomed

Pssst – we have a real secret tip for you! Nestled in the Silvretta mountain range, amid the Samnaun and Verwall mountains, Kappl boasts spectacular mountain views, snow-covered peaks and cosy mountain huts. The small, charming ski resort in the west of Austria is a real inside tip for families. After all, moderate descents, a 25,000-square metre adventure park and cosy mountain huts offer everything that families want from a fun day in the snow!

One pass for 73 cable cars and lifts – snow fun in the Silvretta region

Your kids are learning how to master their first turns in the snow at one of Kappl’s two ski schools and you’ve got a bit of time on your hands? Then what are you waiting for? Off you go and up the mountain! Our tip: With the Silvretta ski pass you can use 73 cable cars and lifts in the entire Paznaun region! Check out the ski pass calculator to find the perfect ticket for you!

Cable cars, lifts and slopes in Kappl

You’re ready for your skiing adventure at the picturesque resort of Kappl. You take the lift up to Alblittkopf but have problems locating the connecting lift. Once you have found it, you feel like a little break. But where’s the nearest mountain hut? To come perfectly prepared for your day of skiing, why not check out the interactive piste map?  

Red, blue and black

the right slope for every type of skier

Every one of us respects the road signs on the streets of Austria. Up on the slopes, the signs and markings can be a bit confusing if you’re not familiar with them. What do all the colours mean? What types of slopes are there? What are the characteristics of a red, blue or black slope? We have all the answers for you!

What colour of slope is right for me?

As is common in most ski resorts, the slopes of Kappl are categorised in different colours depending on their difficulty level. For instance, black slopes indicate particularly steep descents only suitable for experienced skiers. The numbers on the signposts are for orientation purposes.

Slope overview:

  • Five blue slopes: Perfect for beginners. Wide, flat runs offer enough space to practice.
  • Eight red slopes: Mostly flat runs with some steeper sections. Perfect for carving and relaxed skiing!
  • Four black slopes: Perfect for advanced skiers and pros. Steep gradients, mogul slopes or special runs – there are many challenging choices for discerning winter sports athletes!
  • Five ski routes: A “route” is a slope that is marked and secured but not groomed. Ideal for powder lovers and adventure seekers!

How to behave on the mountain:

slope rules and mountain rescue services

If you don’t want your ski holiday to end in hospital, it’s important to stick to certain rules up on the mountain. To ensure the safety of all winter sports athletes, the International Ski Federation (FIS) has established a code of conduct. In addition to the FIS rules, it’s also important to check up on avalanche warnings and weather reports!  

Nine important slope rules:

  • You are responsible for your own safety and that of others.
  • Adapt your speed to your ability as well current conditions.
  • Skiers ahead of you have right of way.
  • You can overtake if there is enough space.
  • If you enter a marked slope, look up!
  • Don’t stop at narrow passages or in poor visibility. 
  • Use the side of the slope to walk.
  • Respect signs and markings.
  • In case of an accident, you are obliged to assist as well as give your personal details.

In case of emergency, call one of the following numbers:

  • Mountain rescue services: +43 5445 6251-35
  • Cable car management: +43 5445 6251-0
  • Police: +43 59 133 7143

Action, fun and adrenaline

at Alblitt Funpark and Sunny Mountain Adventure Park

You are looking for adventures off the beaten track and don’t feel like riding the groomed slopes? Then how about checking out Alblitt Funpark with its many kickers, rails and jumps?

With its 25,000-square metre children’s area, Sunny Mountain Adventure Park is the perfect place for little ski bunnies. Special practice slopes, conveyor ski lifts and Flaxi, the mountain dwarf, will make sure that your little ones enjoy every minute in the snow!

You’re overwhelmed by everything Kappl has to offer? Click through the many offers and book your next winter holiday in the beautiful Paznaun region!

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