Aim higher – you and your bike in Kappl

Mountain biking in Kappl

Explore the mountains of the Paznaun region on two wheels

You love the feeling when you get off your bike, remove your helmet and rest your weary feet – ideally on a little bench with panoramic views and some cosy mountain huts nearby? Then you will love exploring the fascinating Silvretta, Samnaun and Verwall mountain ranges with your mountain bike!

The mountain world of Kappl offers something for everyone – from leisure bikers to extreme athletes. No matter if you prefer taking a leisurely cruise with your family down in the valley or tackling the roots and bumps of the mountains – Kappl is a paradise for mountain bike fans!

See for yourself and discover Kappl’s top-of-the-notch network of mountain bike trails! 

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The perfect tour for every skill level

No matter if you’re an amateur, advanced rider or adrenaline junkie – Kappl offers plenty of different tours for every taste. For instance, how about a classic bike tour for all skill levels together with your family? Or a tour up to Muttenjoch with breathtaking panoramic views of beautiful Tyrol for more advanced riders? There are plenty of easy, intermediate and difficult tours to choose from in Kappl!

  • easy tours: The perfect choice for leisure bikers who like moderate ascents and don’t have any special requirements. 
  • intermediate tours: These tours require a bit more stamina and technique, featuring the occasional difficult downhill section.
  • difficult tours: These tours require plenty of stamina and skills and feature steep uphill and downhill sections as well as varying terrain.

Tour tip: You don’t really like the steep uphill sections? Why not rent an e-bike and tackle even the steepest tours with ease? Find out more about Kappl’s bike rental facilities!


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Tour tips: Paznaun valley trail

ideal for families

The valley trail through the beautiful Paznaun region offers you perfect opportunities to get to know the neighbouring villages of Kappl. What’s more, it’s also a great way to explore Kappl itself. The easy tour is ideal for families. It doesn’t require any special technique and you don’t need lots of stamina for it – a great tour for kids!

The bike trail in a nutshell:

  • length: 28 kilometres
  • difficulty: easy
  • ascent: 430 vertical metres
  • descent: 828 vertical metres
  • highest point: 1,579 vertical metres

Dias trail adventures at Sunny Mountain Adventure Park

Put on your bike clothes and helmet, adjust your knee and elbow protectors and off you go! The new Dias trail at Sunny Mountain Adventure Park is a highlight for all avid mountain bikers. A leisurely bike cruise? It is not ... After all, the new single trail at 1,800 metres above sea level offers two kilometres of pure downhill fun!

The trail starts just beneath the Adventure Park’s fish pond. You can’t miss the starting point – simply look out for the big wooden sign. Over an altitude difference of 400 metres, the trail takes you to the hamlet of Egg on a forest trail with plenty of roots, foliage and gravel.

Dias Trail at a glance:

  • route type and difficulty: single trail, intermediate
  • length: approximately two kilometres
  • stamina and skill level: intermediate
  • start: Diasalpe - Wolfgangwald (1,812 metres above sea level)
  • finish: Kappl - Egg (1,416 metres above sea level)
  • duration: 15 minutes
  • total altitude difference: approximately 400 metres

Tour tip: Simply hop on the Diasbahn cable car to take your bike up to the mountain. Holders of a Silvretta Card all inclusive get to use the cable car for free. You’re looking for a more challenging start to your tour? Mountain bike routes 738 and 739 lead up to the starting point of the tour.

Transport, operating times and hosts in Kappl

The journey is the reward – there couldn’t be a better motto for your bike tour in Kappl. After all, every ride offers you breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and cosy mountain huts. Stop by at one of the huts and enjoy the heartfelt hospitality of your Tyrolean hosts before heading down to the valley again. Don’t forget to check the operating times of the cable cars before your ride. After all, it might be more convenient for leisure riders or families with children to get up and down the mountain by cable car. There are plenty of bike tours that start right at the village centre. If you prefer a more relaxed tour, a starting point on the mountain might be a good idea.

Cable car opening times

Mountain rules: 

respectful riding in Kappl’s nature

local plants and animal habitats, making it necessary to stick to certain rules during your mountain bike adventure:

  • Be respectful: Stay on the marked bike trails – for your own safety as well as out of respect for the local wildlife.
  • Hikers come first: Always watch out for others! If you come across hikers, they have right of way. Simply ring your bell to attract their attention.  
  • Control your speed: Always control your speed and watch out for others!
  • Keep an eye on the weather: Don’t forget that you’re riding in high-alpine terrain. This makes it all the more important to check the weather forecast!
  • Safety first: Always wear a helmet and protective gear on your mountain adventure!

Event tip: 

Bike Day in Kappl

The go-to event for all mountain bikers: Bike Day has everything experienced riders dream of, from workshops to plenty of other attractions and highlights. Don’t miss this event solely focused on bikes and get some valuable tips from the pros!

All events in Kappl at a glance

You can’t wait for your mountain bike holiday in the picturesque village of Kappl? Then you will be glad to hear that many hotels in Tyrol have special offers and bespoke packages for mountain bikers!

Experience Kappl's mountain bike trails during your next summer vacation.